About Us

CubiMap Distribution welcomes you to the 3D Printing World. We are 100% dedicated to the distribution of 3D Printers, Filaments, & Accessories!

CubiMap Distribution, LLC. is based out of sunny Miami, FL founded by Jesus Albo & Miguel J. Vidal. We love the 3D Printing world and we want to pass our love to our resellers! Our objective is to bring the best 3D Printing technologies to the USA, mainly from Europe. We are researching every day for the best manufacturers in Europe to find new technologies, new ideas, and the best quality for the best price

CubiMap Distribution is the official distributor of bq & Recreus in the USA. CubiMap Distribution can help your business enter the 3D printing category or expand your current 3D printing category. We also carry a wide range of filaments, accessories and solutions that will appeal to your customers. We will provide you with technical support and guidance in navigating this exciting new technology category.

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    CO - Founder, CEO

    Jesus Albo

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    CO - Founder, COO

    Miguel j. VidAl